• Lettuce / Spinach / Assorted Greens

    Assorted Lettuces / Spinach / Various Greens

    Available year round

    The cornerstone of our farm. We grow lettuce and various greens year round. This includes leafy lettuces, romaine, spinach, and more. Please contact us for a full list of our varieties.

  • Tomatoes


    Numerous Varieties

    We grow a variery of tomatoes seasonally. From a large sweet variety to small cherry tomoatoes.

  • Herbs


    Numerous Varieties

    Our herbs are available year round. We grow many varieities, from Basil, Oregano, and Rosemary, to many harder to find varieties. Please contact us for availability.

  • Peppers


    Available seasonally

    The most delicious peppers you've ever tasted. Perfect for both cooking and for salads.

  • Squash


    Available seasonally

    Assorted squash available; please contact us for varieties we offer.

  • Pumpkins


    Available seasonally

    Variety of pumpkins available; from small pie pumpkins perfect for Thanksgiving pumpkin pie to large carving pumpkins.